Why Choose Us


Continuous Improvement

Our motivated and high performing teams are supported by continuous investment in innovation and knowledge sharing so as to ensure they are striving towards continuous improvement. We use effective risk management to maintain critical assets and assure continuity of your transactional business functions. We promote partnership culture, with a collaborative approach focused on value creation for you as the customer and your people as our service users.


Understanding Your Needs

We design the service around your specific needs and requirements. We will self-monitor our performance levels and support this with continuous reporting so you have full visibility of our service levels. Standards and targets are set for all Rozzana staff to deliver consistently at every touch point. Our account plans will be carefully aligned to your strategic and operational objectives to support the success of your business. This culture will be continuously communicated and reinforced to the Rozzana people working for you.


How You Can Benefit

We understand the evolving pace of your business and thus we try to bring flexible solutions to support to the outcomes you seek, hence optimizing the benefits incurred from our tailored solutions. We will work with you to understand your business strategy and identify areas where we can support your objectives for new markets, growth and rationalisation. The outcomes on which we focus are those which strengthen your brand, your business and the efficiency of your people.

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Trishul, Ground Floor,
35 Rowland Road,
Kolkata-7000 20, India.
Phone No. +91 33 24745146 / 24851362
Email : [email protected]

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