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Central Kitchen

We have two well equipped central kitchens that serve as our food laboratory. Here we sample and create menus that are functional and exotic, healing and wholesome. Our entire idea of delicious food service is perfected in these kitchens spread over 15,000 square feet.

We look into the minute areas of food management like safety, nutrition, hygiene, eco-friendly packaging and the right temperature at which the food should be served and preserved to maintain its complete nutritional values.


Chef | Dietician

Since we cater to a wide variety of businesses that have varied nutrional demands it is important for us to deliver unfailingly on quality and taste. We ensure this with a dietician and chef who bring together the best of calorific values and right ingredients to deliver meals that are high on nutrition and bring great satisfaction to our clientele.


Creative Menus

Every palate has its own preferences. Whilst catering to people across age groups and social backgrounds, our menus have to be simple yet pleasing, delicious with a lot of variety and high on satisfaction with a distinctly regional flavor. To ensure this, our team of chefs and dieticians work hand in hand with our clients to deliver perfect meals and unmatched tastes day after day, during meal time, in a number of workplaces across India.

To ring in some added flavours to our regular fare, our creative kitchen team also organises food festivals from time to time. These events usually coincide with festive occasions or celebratory dates on the calendar which require a special menu to complete the festivities. Festivals like Id or Onam often demand culinary extensions on the special day. We live up to the occasion with elaborate menus planned well in advance to offer maximum flavours to our eager diners.


Timely Delivery

Delicious meals fall flat if they are not consumed on time. Our chefs and kitchen staff work extremely hard to ready meals on time for our delivery team to reach the clients office well in advance to set up for the meal time action. There is little else in the world that invites more ire than keeping hungry people waiting for their food. To avoid this messy situation we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles that help us reach client sites well in advance and avoid a lot of confusion and planning mistakes while serving great meals.

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