On-site food service

Our complete culinary team manages your kitchen and ensures that you are served food that is fresh, warm and hygienic. How do we do that?

We cook on-site, following approved recipes. The Management tastes all food prior to serving, so that we know it’s good to go. We maintain the principle of cooking in smaller batches thus food is always served fresh!

Overview of On-site Food Services

Serving healthy and wholesome meals is our passion. We serve fresh and happy meals with a great combination of taste and hygiene. But catering to patients is more of a challenge. They have varied needs depending on their ailments. Here is where our team of dieticians and chefs come together and work out a superb combination of healthy menus that nourish the body, mind and soul. This is our unique approach to Food Service Management. So if you are in a fix about what to serve for your team of doctors, nurses and patients, allow us to do the honours. We will rustle up just what you have in mind on a budget approved by you.

Bright young minds need great food to stay bright. Right nutrition is one of the key aspects to students performing better in the classroom and outside it. Rozzana will make sure that your students prefer to eat from the college cafeteria, everyday instead of buying roadside food. We will ensure that you will no longer see tired and hungry faces on campus. Rozzana serves vibrant menus and healthy portions for college students who are out to make an impact on the future. Our constantly evolving menus and tingling recipes add the right dash of excitement to the cafeteria. Get ready deal with energetic students who learn with a purpose.

Hunger knows no bounds. A hungry person can only perform half as much than a well fed person. So come mealtime and your workforce will be tapping their toes and thinking only about their next meal. Every day, Rozzana serves filling, nutritious food to a large number of office goers across India who work happily without having to worry about how good their next meal will be. At Rozzana, our emphasis is not only on serving good food. We also ensure that our customers keep coming back for more at a budget that is well suited to your pocket.


On-site Excellence

  • 1700 Employees
  • Serving 24000 meals per day
  • ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 18000:2007 Certified
  • Offering tailor made solution as per your business

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