Off-site Food Service

No space to house a kitchen? Trust us to serve you wholesome ready meals right at your doorstep, within minutes of your call.

With every business comes a need to nourish the health and performance of the people who work hard to make it succeed. The best way to ensure this is to offer a wholesome and nutritious diet. Given our expertise in serving ready meals and great smiles, we have found the courage to venture into off-site food solutions for companies with little or no space to house a kitchen.

Give in to the Rozzana experience! We innovate sensibly with newer offerings in food and catering services so that modern businesses stay unperturbed about daily nutritional needs at the workplace. Our teams offer delicious meals and creative menus that appeal to a number of people beginning from energetic students to busy office goers and patients recuperating from illnesses.

Serving health, Rozzana style

Businesses without a regular meal service often have people eating outside the workplace. Eating out on a regular basis tends to be an expensive affair and a need to save money often ends up with a huge compromise on quality, health and hygiene. This results in more people calling in sick on crucial workdays more than once.

Every organization that values the health and performance of its stakeholders needs a specialized food service that can be relied on. Rozzana serves healthy and nutritious food with complete compliance to high standards of quality in ingredients, packaging, timely delivery and meals that fit into customized budgets for a wide range of workplaces.

Beware of Street Food Perils


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