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Finding the right person for the right job is a challenge that every organization faces. This concern is only magnified in the food service and hospitality industry. Here we need people who face moody diners with ready smiles at mealtimes that come with strenuous work schedules. Add to this our range of sites across the country and we need a workforce that is ready to stay away from home for days at a stretch. Our very efficient HR team has honed its skills in identifying the right people to hold fort at the places from where we serve. This has helped us make a name for ourselves as an organization that offers great service and functional value.

The focus is on five “R’s:

  • Recruiting the right people, in the right way and respecting the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Recognizing employee contribution with rewards and benefits and encouraging them to perform better
  • Recharging efficiency and ensuring that people have the right skills to do their job and develop careers
  • Reflecting a common zeal in pursuing our goals and objectives
  • Redefining operational processes to continually improve individual performance

HR Initiatives

An Employee Referral Program which encourages people to work with Rozzana

A BUDDY program which helps new comers to get introduced to Rozzana Family

Best Employee Award every month for outstanding performance

Training programs for every level to motivate employees

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