Can We Know

‘Can We Know’ is an initiative to enhance effective communication and maximize transparency between the vital trio, the clients & customers, the employees and the business partners. The programme is particularly a functional way of formulating corrective measures through different feedback procedures for resolving problems, thus assuring satisfaction at all ends.


Customers & Clients

Satisfaction of the Customers is synonymous to that of the clients as they are the end users. The process of deriving the customer feedback is carried through company provided feedback cards. These are then subjected to evaluation and a Satisfaction Survey Report is generated by the process owner.

Clients feedback collection process is carried by providing them with a questionnaire along with the customer survey report to draw their opinion.


We understand the evolving pace of your business and thus we try to bring flexible solutions to support to the outcomes you seek, hence optimizing the benefits incurred from our tailored solutions. We will work with you to understand your business strategy and identify areas where we can support your objectives for new markets, growth and rationalisation. The outcomes on which we focus are those which strengthen your brand, your business and the efficiency of your people.

  • Employee Assistance Book (EAB)
  • Whistle Blower Policy
  • Employee Survey

Business Partners

It is our responsibility to consider the opinions of our Business Partners in order to secure their prompt and efficient services. This programme provides them a platform to vent their views to the steering committee. Their feedback is collected through a carefully formulated feedback questionnaire.

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