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We put great effort into understanding the business we cater to. We believe that food and facility management are essential for every industry. We strive to improve the quality of the services that we provide, and aim to fulfill our customers' needs and expectations. At Rozzana we endeavor to design our services according to industry needs.

  • Healthcare

    In the healthcare sector, we maintain highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, essential for recovery of patients. We maintain a germ free ambience by preventing spread of infections and deliver goodness in the form of nutritious meals. We are typically responsible for planning, coordinating and directing the delivery of quality service to patients in hospitals, canteen in schools and any other big corporate industries.

  • Business & Industry

    In the corporate sector we design solutions that are smart and well planned. Here, our services ensure that your employees get a healthy and friendly environment which will finally facilitate the productivity of your organization.

  • Education

    We cater to the education sector to make it fun and enjoyable for students and teachers alike by delivering healthy and sumptuous meals in an environment that is clean and friendly for new minds to learn and grow.

Raising the bar

In order to make a mark in any industry it is important to keep your clients as well as your employees happy. This is where we make your lives easy by providing an all round support with respect to your food and facility management. From serving fresh and healthy meals to maintaining a clean and well balanced workspace, trust us to recharge employee performance and provide a positive work environment with our skilled team. At Rozzana, it is our everyday endeavor to infuse energy into your work environment with our tailor made solutions and efficient hospitality. Find us partnering with some of the leading names in Healthcare, Education & Corporate Sectors.

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Food Service

Productivity in any organization is undoubtedly related to employee motivation. At Rozzana, our tried and proven food service management programmes are impacting the bottom line in many industries. We try to bring an extraordinary touch to every ordinary day with delightful hospitality, hygienic service, blended with new tastes and ideas. Rozzana is one of the leading firms of catering services. We offer best catering services for canteens at colleges, IT Companies, Corporate buildings and cafes within hospitals. From fresh filling breakfasts to sumptuous healthy meals, Rozzana brings the best of everyday nutrition for corporate employees, students, patients and doctors.

  • On-site Food Service

    Our complete culinary team manages your kitchen and ensures that you are served food that is fresh, warm and hygienic. We combine the finest quality products with the freshest ingredients. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

  • Off-site Food Service

    No space to house a kitchen? Trust us to serve you wholesome and ready meals right at your doorstep.

  • Mobile Food Service

    It is the Rozzana innovation for a quick snack hack that is ready to serve you tidbits in those really short breaks.

  • Kiosk Food Service

    Rozzana kiosks bring you fresh and yummy snacks in a jiffy from ready-to-serve counters.

  • Home-care Food Service

    To meet your everyday nutritional demands, Rozzana helps you get dietician recommended hygienic and quality meals delivered at home.

  • Outdoor Catering

    Planning a party, holding a corporate event or a seminar? Trust Rozzana, to help you with chef recommended exotic menus and fine dining skills

Facility Management Services

At Rozzana, our Facility Management Services are particularly concentrated on TQM (Total Quality Management). We have a highly specialized and experienced team offering business support services to complement the strategic and operational objectives of organization. We undertake maintenance of the entire facility like housekeeping, laundry, pantry, mailroom, Landscaping, concierge, Electrical Maintenance, HVAC, DG Maintenance, Deployment, Façade. We provide excellent quality Facility Management Services to our clients.

  • Housekeeping

    In order to attain international standards of cleanliness and hygiene, our trained housekeeping staffs adopt environment friendly methods to keep your sites free of litter and germs. We serve our customers with absolute integrity and professional way. We provide Housekeeping Services to various sector including corporate offices, hospitals and educational fields.

  • Laundry

    To keep our laundry solutions well within your means, we own an array of latest machines that minimize our timelines. We also have an accessible customer care team to help you track your laundry.

  • Pantry

    Our efficient pantry team is always ready to serve you tasty morsels to suit your palate and satiate your appetite in between those busy workdays so that your daily productivity stays unharmed.

  • Mailroom

    We offer error free mail management service for efficient offices. From collection to sorting and timely delivery, our team ensures that your communication channels stay open whenever you need them by your side.

  • Landscaping

    A well maintained green cover can accentuate the beauty of a place. Our expert team can help you convert unused spaces into picturesque gardens that can create a positive impression among your visitors.

  • Concierge

    From making reservations, bill payments to collection of documents, our team of errand boys offer concierge services that can ease away the stress of odd jobs and daily chores from your busy minds.

  • Electrical Maintenance

    Our electrical maintenance service includes troubleshooting of hardware, emergency support, periodic inspections and machine repairing. Our technicians are at your beck and call to simplify your operations and keep your work going uninterrupted.

  • HVAC

    We offer regularized monitoring and maintenance of your HVAC system for steady and smooth operations. Round-the-clock system maintenance ensures that your energy expenditures are reasonably priced and well utilized.

  • DG Maintenance

    Maintenance for Diesel Generators is necessary to ensure the reliability of these standby systems. Our professional team provides routine inspection and preventive maintenance for your DG systems to keep it fully functional.

  • Deployment

    The right people in the right place can do a world of good. Our diligent deployment team ensures that you get the right service at the right time. Be it a liftman or a driver we commit to keep your work going with people who know their jobs well.

  • Façade

    The façade of your building will attract visitors and maintain your reputation if they are kept in good condition. Routine cleaning is a must to preserve its novelty. We offer safe façade and window cleaning service with modern tools and trained cleaners for all types of constructions.

Why Choose Rozzana

Continuous improvement

Our motivated and high performing teams are supported by continuous investment in innovation and knowledge sharing so as to ensure they are striving towards continuous improvement.


Understanding your need

We design the service around your specific needs and requirements. We will self-monitor our performance levels and support this with continuous reporting so that you have full visibility of our service levels.


How you can benefit

We understand the evolving pace of your business and thus we try to bring flexible solutions to support the outcomes you seek, hence optimizing the benefits incurred from our tailored solutions.


Our Service Partners


New Central Kitchen in Bangalore

India’s Silicon Valley now has a bit of Rozzana to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Techies and nerds and all and sundry at the offices that power India’s IT Capital, Bangalore, can now enjoy healthy and wholesome meals form Rozzana’s new Central Kitchen here.


“The name ‘Rozzana’ (formerly ‘Rozzanafresh’) has a refreshing aroma and I happen to be one of its many loyal beneficiaries since the last couple of years. It offers a ‘world-food’ menu …high on quality and yet affordable even with the taxes. In our educational campus we take some pride that we have a ‘Rozzana’ service at our premises.”

Krishnendu Sarkar/ Director, NSHM College of Management & Technology, Kolkata

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